Triple T Ranch is a multiple enterprise, family owned and operated small business located in the heart of the Palouse near Colfax, Washington. Our mission is to provide a continued supply of happy and healthy breeding stock and high quality food and fiber products at reasonable prices to consumers. Not only does the ranch have a moral obligation to our consumers, but also to the humane treatment of our animals. Not all of the animals produced on Triple T Ranch are intended as food products, but all animals on the ranch are ensured plenty of food, fresh water, shelter, health care, and low stress handling to help keep them happy and healthy. Our customers can rest assured that we stand behind the quality of our livestock and other commodities.

Our livestock production focuses on three important principals: Personality, Productivity, and Multipurpose. Our sheep, yak, goats, and rabbits are produced for seedstock, meat, and fiber. Our guard donkeys are born and raised with sheep and started with basic ground manners at day one. We spend time starting them right so our customers can finish them with riding, packing, and/or driving if desired, while remaining exceptional guardians. All breeding animals are expected to produce and raise an acceptable number of quality animals each year. Poor producers and aggressive animals are culled.

Our family has over 20 years experience in production of different types and breeds of animals. Currently, our main production includes "Designer Crossbred" sheep, guard donkeys, Angora cross goats, Yaks and Angora rabbits. We no longer have registered livestock available. Our sheep have been carefully crossed and selected to be highly productive and maternal capable of lambing and raising their lambs with minimal human aid. These crosses are also meant to have an excellent feed conversion, a great growth rate and excellent fleece production. Additionally we have different wool and pelt products that will be posted on this site as they are available. Please keep checking and inquiring for new items! 

Triple T Ranch is also a proud supporter of youth projects. Please let us know if any animals being purchased are for  4-H or FFA market or breeding projects.

If you would like information about us or any of our products, please contact us and we will get back to you within three days.

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