BREED: Angora X
PRICE: $250 - $300
DOB: Spring 2024
GENDER: Bucklings and doelings available. .

  • Guardians

  • Wool Production

  • Angora Fiber Production

  • Mohair Production

  • Meat Production

  • Pets/Therapy Animals

  • Youth Projects


Listed: 2024

Angora/Pygmy Goats

My goats come in every color and combinations of colors. I have even gotten several tri-colored. They are unregistered, but the fiber is very pleasant. Buck, doe or wether kids available up to twice a year. We have full siblings to our champion white buckling available.

Critters For Sale

Listed: 2024


We sell both breeding stock and market lambs. Let us know what you are looking for. There will be no registered lambs available this year. We began lambing November 2023 and all are crossbred. We are constantly improving our genetics for production and fiber. We will have several of our natural colored lambs this year.

BREED: x-bred 
PRICE: $250 ewe

            $300 ram

   by lb on market lambs

DOB: Nov 2023 - 2024
GENDER: Both available

Listed: 2024

Listed: 2024

Angora Bunnies

We breed for two litters each year. They have wonderful fiber for home spinners, and very mild temperaments. We have even sold them to people as a "therapy" bunny to aid in stress, PTSD, and anger management. This breed requires regular grooming and the brushing can be therapeutic for some people.

Guard Donkeys

Our guard donkeys are born and raised within our flocks. Their parents are good experienced stock guards with proven instincts. Watch for foals as they come available. Foals are sold up to date on shots, worming and with basic halter training/ground manners. We only sell one each year.

BREED: Angora
PRICE: $25

Production discontinued at this time.

BREED: Donkey
PRICE: $1200